Offshore Advantage

Offshore Development is the process of developing technology utilizing highly skilled people and resources located in an international location. The activity may include a team of people assigned to your project logging onto your computer system via a high-speed link from their location or you may elect for non-mission critical applications to have the development or maintenance take place in a secure environment on their system.


  • A project manager will perform an initial study and assess the client's project requirements.
  • A project plan will be prepared on-site jointly with client's team.
  • User requirement document.
  • ER diagrams.
  • Data Flow Diagrams (DFD).
  • Database Design.
  • Screen / Report Design.
  • Detailed Design.
  • Acceptance Criteria.
  • Small on-site team will be dispatched to the client site for knowledge transfer.
  • Customer may elect to visit to Global Partners offshore facility.
  • Deliverables defined with customer's acceptance.
  • Software Development.
  • Code testing by the Global Partners offshore team before delivery to customer.
  • Daily communication with onsite team with client weekly status reports.
  • On-site team performs acceptance testing and provides implementation support.
  • Customer approves acceptance testing when the testing is complete.


Typical phases in a project with their corresponding outputs are given below:
Stage Outputs
User Requirements ( UR ) Criteria User Requirements Document (URD)Acceptance Test
Software Requirements (SR) Software Requirements Specification (SRS)System Test in skeletal form
Architectural Design (AD) Architectural Design Document (ADD)Integration Test Plan in skeletal form
Detailed Design, Code & Unit Test (DDCUT) Detailed Design Document (DDD)Unit Test PlansModules of CodeUnit Test Reports Approved Integration Test Plan that includes Integration Test Procedures, Integration Test Cases & Integration Test Data
Plans Modules of Code Unit Test Reports Approved
Integration Testing that includes System Test Cases & System Test Data Integration Test ReportApproved System Test Plan Procedures, System Test
System Testing System Test Report